2014 Championship Campaign


Things have been a bit quiet around here and I must apologize. “Life” has come up and I’ve been dealing with the repercussions. I was unable to attend the Ultra Beast as originally planned due to finances, work, and timing. While at the same time I’ve been battling some nagging injuries and medical issues that seemed to have had been piling up since the completion of the Midwest Super.

All that aside, it’s time to look ahead at the 2014 Spartan Race season.

I’m putting the goal out there to finish in the top 50 internationally in the 2014 Spartan Race Elite points championship. My face race is in just under 30 days at the Carolinas Beast, however, I will need your support in this season’s endeavor. Please visit my page on gofundme. What’s in it for you? Historically, Spartans were the caretakers of the community so for your donation I will return the favor with discounts, fitness plans, 1-on-1 consultation, or even running alongside you for any US Spartan Race; I will not let you fail! Help me, help you!


Spartan Race Elite Championship Points Overview

  • A season runs 12 months; beginning and ending in September
  • A competitor’s top 5 scores over the course of the season will be tallied. This eases the advantage of those who can run more events.
  • An overall gender victory is worth 300 points, there are no points awarded for age.
  • A competitor’s score will be based on their performance against the winner’s time
  • A competitor’s score will then be weighted on the following hierarchy  (Beast 100%. Super 98%, Spring 96%)