4 Obstacle Racer Personality Types

This is a guest blog from an OCR buddy regarding the 4 personalities you’ll find at each event. I think I fall squarely into both The Competitor and The Teammate. Head on over to give the full article a read and while you’re there, give Jeff a follow to keep up to date with his adventures.

On My Way To Sparta

personalityParticipate in enough OCRs and you will notice that there are all types of personalities on the course.  After a considerable amount of thought, I’ve broken the personalities into 4 category types.  Each one is a scale in which someone is low, high, or somewhere in between.  It is possible for individuals to be high on more than one type, but many will find that one type defines them much more than the others.

The Competitor:  I’m sure you know this type.  You see them on OCR podiums.  The competitor structures life around training and racing.  Nutrition, training, & rest are carefully monitored and planned to bring optimum performance.  Competitors don’t haphazardly approach their fitness regimens.  They have their training plan and they stick to it religiously – tweaking it for upcoming events or to improve on weaknesses.  Competitors are not satisfied unless they perform their absolute best.  Even then, they…

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