Spartan Race Ohio Super and Michigan Beast


By now you may have seen the grassroots movements campaigning for more Midwestern Spartan Races in 2014.  I am among the most enthusiastic about these prospects because it would be magnificent to add more events to my schedule that do not involve long road trips and planning and the potential for a Trifecta in bordering states (Indiana, Ill/Oh, and MI) can not be overlooked!  Well, looking ahead at their 2014 schedule it appears that these events have garnered the attention that they need and are now listed on the Spartan Race website for pre-registration and the speculation for venues is now in full-swing!


Possible venue for a Midwest Beast?

But, wait!  Relax and hold your “Aroos” until later.  We still have work to do to make these events a reality.  The announcements of the events are just step 1 in the process.  These races aren’t established on a whim;  there must be a tremendous amount of interest shown, something along the lines of 4,000 pre-registered participants, for Spartan to invest the time and money into bringing an event to a specific area . Sooooo….Let’s make it happen!  Here is what you can do to contribute:

  1. Pre-register for the Ohio Super
  2. Pre-register for Michigan and Select the Beast option (the Midwest NEEDS a Beast)
  3. Join the Facebook communities (Michigan, Ohio) and share information
  4. Talk, trick, or guilt your friends into pre-registering and make them do it with you.
  5. Spread the word about pre-registering. Be sure to remind your friends and family that pre-registering brings a super cheap rate once the event is open.
  6. Once the race is official, sign up, show up, and don’t give up.