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The Pressing Question of “Why?”

It’s a question we get a lot in this lifestyle, it’s a question I even ask myself from time to time when putting in the hours. Take this past weekend for example, I… Continue reading

2014: The Year of Achievement

It’s the start of the new year and everyone is resolving to be better or do better over the next 365 days (or 358 as of this writing). 2013 was a tremendous year… Continue reading

Spartan Files Virtual Challenge for ALS

It gives me great pleasure to announce the Spartan Files Virtual Challenge benefiting the ALS Association. You make this challenge your own, do it wherever you can, at your own pace, to your… Continue reading

Spartan Race South Carolina Beast – 11/9/13

So last weekend I completed my first race in my run for the 2014 points total. It was the furthest I’ve ever traveled for a race and became so much more than just… Continue reading

Welcome to My World

One week out from the start of my 2014 season and my mind is racing with the anxiety. My training has reached a new level and my knowledge is growing with every second.… Continue reading

This One Goes Out To The Ones In The Back…

Over the weekend I ran a 10k race and I loved it! I think I found my new favorite race distance and this particular event was run on a 50/50 split of trails… Continue reading

2014 Championship Campaign

Things have been a bit quiet around here and I must apologize. “Life” has come up and I’ve been dealing with the repercussions. I was unable to attend the Ultra Beast as originally… Continue reading

What’s Your Story?

“This is my world, this is my arena The TV told me something different, I didn’t believe it I stand here in front of you today all because of an idea I could… Continue reading

Cliffs Insane Terrain – 7/20/13

Race Recap The Midwest was once again invaded by a plethora of Spartans; this time we were tasked with conquering a “super” course (8+ miles, 20+ obstacles). This would be my second time… Continue reading

My Race Timeline

Originally posted on Trials of a Warrior Scholar:
I have run enough races at this point that I have realized I have a distinct, if not always planned, pattern. This is how I…

The Beast Unleashed

Several weeks back I made mention that I had sent in my application for acceptance into the 2013 Spartan Race Ultra Beast here This past Wednesday I finally received word on the status… Continue reading

What’s Your Excuse?

This one will be short and sweet. It’s Friday and I’m willing to bet you’re thinking ahead to your weekend plans right now. Let me offer a new task to that schedule you… Continue reading

Be More Like Dean Karnazes (FITspiration)

Dean Karnazes is quite possibly the most famous ultra-marathon runner the world has ever seen, a title given to him by the New York Times. The fact stands though, that unless you are… Continue reading

Unleash the Beast

Well, now I’ve really done it… Last night I committed my body to the most torture it has ever been put through. I submitted my application for selection in the 2013 Spartan Race… Continue reading

Don’t Think, Just Do: Tough Mudder Chicago 2013

Originally posted on The Monk of the Mud:
This was another event that I was exited and a little worried of, and it was a great time partly because of the event and…

A Life Changing Experience

So you wonder if you’re good enough for Obstacle Course Racing? Is the fear of the unknown preventing you from taking that crucial step and registering? I mentioned in my Haspin Acres write… Continue reading

Every Great Journey Begins With a Single Step

I created this list for a buddy about one year ago and have now decided to share it out in the majestic world of the internet. You see, I had made it a… Continue reading

Haspin Acres – 4/27/13

Preface My home course, I live just an hour north of the venue, the proximity made this my most anticipated event yet.  I’ve only been active in this community since last October and… Continue reading