I Don’t Wish….

As someone who lives a healthy lifestyle, I hear it all the time, “I wish…” “I wish I had the time to exercise” “I wish I had your strength” “…your endurance” “…your toughness”… Continue reading

Cliffs Insane Terrain – 7/20/13

Race Recap The Midwest was once again invaded by a plethora of Spartans; this time we were tasked with conquering a “super” course (8+ miles, 20+ obstacles). This would be my second time… Continue reading

The Lie That Is Holding You Back

“It’s easy for them” – You Stop wasting your time with this (false) idea. Success is a direct result of work. You’re only hurting yourself…

Racing to the Olympics

The rapid growth of obstacle course races over the past few years has had many people wondering about the potential future of the sport. In 2010, around 41,00 people participated in an OCR… Continue reading

There’s No Quit In Here

In today’s society we are surrounded by instant gratification. You want something, you can just hop in the car, drive down the street to the nearest super center and get whatever it is… Continue reading

My Race Timeline

Originally posted on Trials of a Warrior Scholar:
I have run enough races at this point that I have realized I have a distinct, if not always planned, pattern. This is how I…

The Beast Unleashed

Several weeks back I made mention that I had sent in my application for acceptance into the 2013 Spartan Race Ultra Beast here This past Wednesday I finally received word on the status… Continue reading

What’s Your Excuse?

This one will be short and sweet. It’s Friday and I’m willing to bet you’re thinking ahead to your weekend plans right now. Let me offer a new task to that schedule you… Continue reading

5 Signs of OCR Addiction

1. You know about the Hobie Wall. *Bonus points if you have built one on your property. Your neighbors will think you’re crazy and your racing buddies will be jealous; it’s the all-in-one… Continue reading

Be More Like Dean Karnazes (FITspiration)

Dean Karnazes is quite possibly the most famous ultra-marathon runner the world has ever seen, a title given to him by the New York Times. The fact stands though, that unless you are… Continue reading

Unleash the Beast

Well, now I’ve really done it… Last night I committed my body to the most torture it has ever been put through. I submitted my application for selection in the 2013 Spartan Race… Continue reading

SpartanFiles Playlist

Research shows that you workout longer and have more fun in the process, which in turn makes you work harder subconsciously, while listening to music. The right playlist is worth at least as… Continue reading

Fuel for the Fire – OCR Nutrition

In order for you car to do what it does day to day it takes fuel. You wouldn’t starve your car of gas and expect it run efficiently; would you? Our bodies are no… Continue reading

Don’t Think, Just Do: Tough Mudder Chicago 2013

Originally posted on The Monk of the Mud:
This was another event that I was exited and a little worried of, and it was a great time partly because of the event and…

Raceday Advice: Leading Week

The week of your race is arguably the most important week of your preparation. Time is no longer on your side and you must prepare your body for the abuse it will receive… Continue reading

Field Tested: Inov-8 F-Lite 230

The F-lite series* is not a lineup that gets tossed around trail runner circles too often, namely because they are not a dedicated trail shoe. Despite this fact, they are the first shoe… Continue reading

A Life Changing Experience

So you wonder if you’re good enough for Obstacle Course Racing? Is the fear of the unknown preventing you from taking that crucial step and registering? I mentioned in my Haspin Acres write… Continue reading

Our Deepest Fear….

My favorite quotation of all time is eluded to at the top of my site, but I thought I’d take the time to flush out exactly the reasons why I present those words to all… Continue reading

Every Great Journey Begins With a Single Step

I created this list for a buddy about one year ago and have now decided to share it out in the majestic world of the internet. You see, I had made it a… Continue reading

Raceday Advice: Attire

After all the hard work and training the last thing you want to do is ruin your big day before the start line. Let’s face it, your adrenaline is pumping, your heart is… Continue reading